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State of the Fishy Nation

It’s time to update fish fans on the state of the fishy nation. I hope all of you, like us, feel the same sense of promise that 2013 holds for aquarists and ocean lovers. We cannot, however, ignore that low-overhead online sales and the global recession continue to pound the shit out of retail stores. While this trend is true of most retail stores, it creates a unique problem amongst aquarists and hobbyists and the whole pet industry. With other products, the market can shift to online sales and all that consumers lose is marked-up prices and face-to-face time with professionals, but for animals lovers, it kills your access to the livestock and it’s all pointless without the fish. Each aquarium is dealing with this reality in its own way, but we believe a fundamental shift is needed to ensure the hobby continues in the future. Total Aquarium has been in Moorebank for over 10 years. The size of the building, the power to run all those tanks is drastically outdated. While we made every effort to refurbish, replumb, and rewire the store, we also came to realise that this trend is not going to disappear anytime soon and we need bigger changes.

It’s not about doom and gloom, so here are our plans! Total Aquarium will have a moving sale, starting Saturday the 2nd of February 2013. STOCK TANKS, RACKS, FISH, CHEMICALS, SPEAKERS, HEATERS - ALL PRICED TO GO. March 2013, we will be setting up our online store and new aquarium in Hammondville (2 minutes away). Lower overheads and a smaller warehouse means that we can afford to keep up the supply of fish of the greatest quality and variety, which has always been our number one goal.

What does this mean for you? It means better priced fish, more fish variety, continued access to natural ocean and reverse osmosis water, a greater variety in frozen and dry foods (Brightwell, API, Seachem, Biotec and more), filters, heaters and all the accessories at online prices from professionals.

We remain dedicated to the hobby, and while you can’t stop rumours, we want to assure you that we will not pull the same disappearance act of other aquarium stores. This is a move and a chance to focus and upgrade the business.

So drop in this February to pick up a bargain! If you own a truck or consider yourself strong, then please let us know, so we can guilt you into helping us move to our new location.

Peace out fish fans, see you soon.

NOTE: During the transition, we are not contactable by phone, however, you can email and visit us online at and

Maintenance Services

Earlier today on Facebook we launched our maintenance service. James has been working with Total Aquarium since the very beginning, and we are please for him to represent us in your homes. If you require any assistance with your tank just click the maintenance link to the left or email for more information.

TA | Facebook

Fish Fans, this is a big one… have you ever needed a water change but didn’t have the time, or just a water test and some expert advice about your fish.

Well now you can head over to and James will provide you all the assistance you need.

So if you’re sun-baking and enjoying cocktails in the sunday sun but don’t want your fish to miss out on the pampering then fill out the form or send an email to for more information or just get james out there to visit your fish.

Website Changes

Hi Fishfans, you may notice some changes online as we upgrade our website. If you come across a feature that dosen’t work as it should, we are probably upgrading it. We are implementing a multitude of new services for the fastest growing community of aquarists in Australia. If you have any problem at all or encounter something that we should be aware of, please email us at

Thanks again for your patience.

Closed Wed-Thu Re-Open Fri + New Fish

Fish Fans and Ocean Lovers, just a heads up that due to my trip to cairns and the reef, Total Aquarium will be closed today and tomorrow (Wednesday & Thursday) and re-open on Friday with a fresh batch of beautiful fish. We apologize for any inconvenience. We can’t wait to spill the beans of our discoveries and awesome plans.

Brightwell Aquatics

It’s been a long time coming but as of next week Total Aquarium will stock Brightwell Aquatics. This premium range of chemicals and supplements compliment the entire range of aquariums from discus, cichlid and tropical freshwater to marine and reef tanks.

As we begin to restock our tanks with a variety of freshwater species and marine fish and coral we are pleased that we are finally getting our hands on these.

We have added a link to Brightwell Aquatics in the navigation menu to the left for a comprehensive look at the basic and technical information for these products.

For our aquarists looking to perfect there water chemistry, simplify maintenance to ensure good health its really worth taking a look at.